• 14 gennaio 2021

Raw Earth Workshop


Raw Earth Workshop

Raw Earth Workshop

Workshops on raw earth are organized on request.



The Earth Laboratory allows participants to “gain experience” on two different and complementary levels:

1- Through the direct physical manipulation of traditional construction materials (earth, straw and water) they will experiment in the most direct way possible, with their own manual skills, a building technique practiced not only in Abruzzo and other Italian regions but in many areas of Europe and the world (Asia, Africa, Americas).

2- The visits and itineraries organized by the Laboratory will allow the concrete, visual and “tactile” knowledge of the examples of earthen houses still present in the area, enjoying the surrounding rural landscape with a more “internal” and aware point of view, thanks also to the “manual” experience of the Laboratory.

Borgocapo organizes customized workshops on request on raw earth.