Gianfranco* e Stefania* are the founders of this project which was elaborated with the help from a group of friends who worked in the actual building and in leisure activities. The most important “pair of hands” belong to Flavio, who in turn was joined by many of the “friends of Borgocapo”.



Gianfranco Conti

Architect, since the 1980’s he has been interested in raw earth building and is the head and heart of Borgocapo.

Stefania Giardinelli

Architect, she was involved by Gianfranco in his interest in raw earth and has become the practical “soul” of the project.

Flavio Giardinelli

Worker par excellence, curator of the vegetable patch of the house, his hands are the hands that teach.


Breakfast at Borgocapo


Our breakfast consists of products from local farms such as: grape juice, bread, orzo (kind of coffee), olive oil, cheese and honey.


This is where we usually get our ingredients:

IL MAGGESE di Francesco Zappacosta

agricoltura biodinamica – prodotti con marchio Demeter

Colle Marcone 6 – Bucchianico (CH)

Tel.0871.370570 – 335.7596015

Soc. Agrifin s.r.l. “LE RIPE”

agricoltura biologica

Contrada Colle dei Gesuiti 44 – Bucchianico (CH)


Casino di Caprafico di Giacomo Santoleri

agricoltura biologica

Piane di Caprafico – Guardiagrele (CH)

Tel. e fax 0871.897492