• 30 settembre 2019

Festa dei Banderesi – May 2021 – Bucchianico (Ch)


Festa dei Banderesi – May 2021 – Bucchianico (Ch)

The story goes that, in 1300, when in Abruzzo Citra were numerous municipal centers, Bucchianico has been threatened by the nearby town of Teate, the current Chieti, who wanted to force the country under its jurisdiction. Teate, militarily stronger.

He would surely have defeated Bucchianico. The attack, the rural population, scattered over the defenseless houses of several districts of the country, fled inside the walls where protection asked the Sergentiere, then the municipal troop Captain. The men surrounded it with red and blue stripes, as citizens of the banners color (hence the nickname “Banderesi ‘) and carried their own supplies in carts pulled by oxen, while the women wore on their heads baskets filled with all things. But S.Urbano, protector of the village, in a dream, he suggested to Sergentiere a military strategy that he would desist from the attack Teate, to arm all able-bodied men of the country with armor and colorful plumes and let them run with serpentine movements (” ciammaichella”). This way to the lookouts teatine the army of Bucchianico appeared, for a visual effect, much more numerous so as to deter the warriors Theatines.

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